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API and Blockchain Powered Trade Finance Platform that connects users’ IT systems to automate interaction between SMEs, Corporates and Banks and eject manual steps to cut time, cost, risk. Our target market is $8t global open account trade finance. The platform’s network connects users’ various IT systems - distributed nodes are make part of their own IT infrastructure. Users control and manage their node, data and client relationships. Transactions and e-documents are encrypted and available only to the transaction parties. Value for SMEs and Corporates -One platform for multiple banks, financial intermediaries and trade finance solutions. -Mobile and Web App or seamless integration with ERP. -Works with existing solutions.

  • Access to new financial services and solutions. Value for Banks and Financial Intermediaries -Increased profitability due to substantial reduction of time, cost and risks as a result of full automation and legally binding e-docs. -One platform for multiple trade finance solutions. Works with existing solutions with seamless integration and user flexibility. -Access to new pools of trade assets accessible for funding, new revenue streams and solutions.

Currently launched modules include: Onboarding (Supplier engagement), Delivery & Payment Confirmation, Factoring & Receivables Discounting. Modules to be launched in Q3-4 2019 - Dynamic Discounting, Legally Binding E-doc Exchange, Payables & Pre-Export Financing. The team possesses unique expertise in B2B cloud solutions, DLT, DFS, cryptography, ICT and cybersecurity, as well as engages a wealth of industry experience both in-house and through a close network of strategic corporate partners and advisors.

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