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Website : https://www.everex.io/
Twitter : @everexio
LinkedIn : Everex


Everex is a B2B blockchain technology provider offering global money transfer, payment and currency exchange solutions to financial and non-financial organisations.
Everex ushers individuals and SMEs, with or without bank accounts, into new global economy with real-time fiat payments using its proven currency tokenisation technology, TokenCash, a fiat-pegged cash tokens powered by governed smart contracts on public blockchain. Everex payment ecosystem brings the best of banking and crypto universes together, including
* AML/KYC of all participants,
* payments done in fiat currency-linked smart contract tokens on Ethereum,
* real-time currency conversions
* security of transactions
* stable currency value (stable coin),
* transparent and omnipresent environment,
* integration into existing banking and independent payment channels,
* regulatory compliance

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