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Equinix is the physical meeting place of the global payments ecosystem. We link hundreds of digital payments and E commerce players inside our data centres and our telco providers connect their services to 90% of all end users across the world with less than 10 milliseconds of latency. Our high performance interconnections, world-class operational reliability and an unrivalled community of payments players equate to digital supply chain efficiencies, increased agility and sustainable scalability for the industry. Ask us how interconnection is transforming the payments industry and where your business fits in.

1250+ Financial Services Customers
165+ payment specific customers
4 of the top 6 card networks
6 of the top 10 global banks
​9 of the top 15 card issuers
25/25 top mobile network operators

200+ data centres – 5 continents – 52 markets – 1,600+ network service providers – 500+ cloud providers

Equinix, Where Opportunity Connects

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