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Boseman is a technology company based in London and Silicon Valley. Its mission is to help institutions quickly custom build and scale  transformative technology in the Money space by focusing on 10x user value propositions and emerging technologies such as AI. They use an AI driven platform and work with an an exceptional network of developers at top startups and tech companies, entrepreneurs and professors to achieve this.

Software is eating the world and $1.2 trillion (*Gartner) was spent on Software Services in 2017 but building custom software is still a convoluted, costly and inefficient task. Rather than be the n'th Saas company, Boseman make's it easy for companies to quickly build and deploy custom Fintech using an AI driven platform to streamline the development time and the worlds best engineering team who work at top startups and the tech giants. Its time for a challenger Custom software company that can deliver custom software at scale using AI.

Academy 2018

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