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Blue Strategy Group

Blue Strategy Group is a fintech which goal is to develop intelligent algorithms applied to

wealth management on the financial markets. This technology is ceded to the financial en- tities for it use in their business.

The algorithms are developed using the following techniques, that allow us to optimise in- vestment decision-making on phase based system:

Machine learning / Deep learning / Big Data / AI techniques

Within the artificial intelligence techniques, we use the following:

  • Decision trees: calculates the number of winner/loser positions on a given range and the technical indicators that should be used on a specific timeframe and asset.

  • Genetic algorithms: evolve a given algorithm set, achieving the most solid and suc- cessful system.

  • Classification algorithms: automatically classifies the results given on the genetic algorithms, reducing time and accurately showing the most successful set.

  • Neural network: learns and evolves with the input given from the markets, creating and output which are the trades made. This networks are optimized for having the highest possible returns with the lowest possible risk. Help us to detect divergences/ inefficiencies between price and value and when they can be exploited.

On top of all this, we use volatility indicators, setting exit prices on winning and loses taking into account the volatility in the markets at that moment.

In our last phase, we introduce money management and we test the system on the mar- kets with at least 200 trades on a maximum time of 2 months.

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