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Saxo Payments Banking Circle
Saxo Payments Banking Circle is enhancing the customer service proposition for Payments Service Providers and FX businesses.  The Saxo Payments Banking Circle enables Payments businesses to support customers with global ambitions to process cross border payments without any loss of time or cash.  This award winning solution ensures that financial regulation is completely adhered to, without impacting on business success.

What is Saxo Payments Banking Circle?
Registered as a payment institution in the European Union, Saxo Payments Banking Circle specialises in providing a global accounts infrastructure, payment capability and foreign exchange services to payment providers, including acquirers, Payment Service Providers, FX payment providers, money transfer businesses, e-wallets, and alternative payment providers.
These businesses face a common challenge – a lack of access to an international banking infrastructure, including the ability for easy and convenient handling of low price cross border payments with low currency risk and easy and fast access to open and close bank accounts in foreign countries.

Responding to these challenges, Saxo Payments Banking Circle is providing:
• Access to a global account infrastructure so that businesses can perform local payments globally and set up local accounts in most parts of the world
• A multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional banking solution which negates the need to have several banking relationships
• A competitive FX solution (direct sourcing access to a 15B Euros daily FX liquidity pool)
• An efficient and secure transaction service via a fully secure and compliant clouded Oracle-based banking platform
• Competitive transaction costs compared to the alternatives available

The Banking Circle platform and significant FX liquidity pool, enables receipt of payments from card schemes and settlement to merchants in almost any jurisdiction worldwide in all major currencies and at extremely competitive prices.

We also tackle the ‘lost cash’ conundrum of traditional banking processes.  Our ‘express’ payments solutions mean that businesses receive funds immediately following clearing rather than working to conventional banking timescales.
Saxo Payments Banking Circle delivers the international transaction capabilities that businesses need to transact efficiently with their customers, suppliers and counterparties.
We help businesses make and receive payments, control cash flow and serve their customers. This support allows organisations to focus on their core business, accelerate their supply chains, manage operating and regulatory risk and achieve scale and efficiency.
Breaking down the barriers to global trading

We give our clients the geographic reach and access to the markets they want to trade in and provide them with global payments and settlements through a global account infrastructure, a global FX capability and a secure and compliant banking platform, simplifying their international trading and helping them to succeed in all their markets. 

Efficient and secure transaction services
Our team of transaction specialists work closely with each client, helping them select the best solutions and delivery channels for their business and corporate environment. Whether they to choose to connect via our web-based services, via SWIFT or direct from their servers to ours, transactions are always secure, reliable and efficient.

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