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Aircash is a regulated payment service managed by the authorized EU Payment Institution. Aircash currently operates in the territories of Croatia and Bosnia&Herzegovina wand plans to expand to other markets in CE Europe by end of 2018. Basically, Aircash enables fast money transfers between persons (P2P payments) and between persons and businesses, generally for fop-ups of various online accounts and internet payments and for cash-outs from online accounts. All funds are transferred immediately and are protected by high-end security protocols. The backbone of the system is a backend ICT infrastructure, integrated with ICT systems of retail point of sales, which manages transactions and settlements. End users use Aircash mobile app to initiate transactions, browse history and manage payment processes. Aircash is integrated with leading retail chains in these markets (gas stations, convenience stores), and major online operators (Croatian Lottery, gaming providers, B&H Lottery, etc.) 

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