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24sessions introduces a new and better way to meet customers through video calls. The technology of 24sessions is being used by large banks such as Rabobank, Argenta, and Aegon, so they can offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. With 24sessions these corporates are able to offer personal customer contact whilst closing branches and digitizing services.

Through smart automation and calling analytics, 24sessions empowers financial advisors and sales agents to focus on what really matters: building the customer relationship - not on repetitive admin jobs, scheduling of meetings or boring compliance tasks. They are able to increase NPS +50 and realize +33% more sales conversions.

What sets 24sessions apart from other enterprise video conferencing tools is that it takes just 1 click to join a video call. It requires no downloads and customers can join the call from any mobile or desktop device without any installations. On top of that, video calls can be branded and embedded in the customer journey and 24sessions has appointment scheduling, CSAT tracking, and conversational analytics built-in to their product.

24sessions first entered the market in 2016 and is used by leading enterprises such as Rabobank, Achmea, Celgene, and Vattenfall. 24sessions was named one of the top 10 best B2B startups in Europe in 2016 by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet.

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