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"Money20/20 is a pretty unique event – few others can guarantee the same concentration of senior leaders from the FinTech community, in one city at the same time, with a single goal: to do business. There’s no doubt in my mind that meeting customers and prospects face to face is key to building long-lasting relationships and creating more value."

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The Economist

“Money20/20 is where the rock stars of fintech come to cut deals and court investors.”

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"We come back every year, because we believe that Money20/20 is the mecca for fintech and financial innovators and influencers. Whether you are interested in brand awareness, networking, lead generation or good content, this event always delivers. The event’s team’s boutique approach to the needs of each customer means that your goals are always met and cared for, and you truly feel like a VIP client, no matter your investment size."

Chief Marketing Officer

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"Money20/20 gives you the unique opportunity to connect with companies and people that you usually would not see, all in one place."

Executive Chairman

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Nium Inc.

"Nium sees a huge value in coming here and spending time with the whole community - they are our partners, our customers and our competitors.

We are in a fast paced industry and we are in a global industry... if you are not here and part of the conversation, it's moving beyond you."

Head of Europe, Head of Global

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"We do a huge amount of business at Money20/20. We’ve signed contracts on the exhibition floor."

EVP Head of Global Sales

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"Money20/20 in person events are needed because human contact is needed. I enjoy that I can meet my potential customers, I can meet my investors, I can meet media, old friends and old colleagues, it's a celebration of the whole community."

CEO & Founder

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"I have been to different events lately but the experience I had at Money20/20 was incomparable. I met so many partners, customers, old colleagues, payment giants and dignitaries during the event. The 3-day event was packed with networking and insightful sessions."

Head of Product Strategy

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Crosscut Ventures

"I came to Money20/20 because I heard it is one of the best FinTech conferences around and it has certainly lived up to that."

Managing Director

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"This was our first time to visit Money20/20... but as an executive with over twenty years of experience visiting and sponsoring expo's and events, this one was absolutely top notch. The people in attendance were world class. We were able to meet serious players and establish both partnerships and find possible new customers."

Group CEO

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"We are a brand new company so building brand presence is important for us especially as we start looking at Europe and other regions ... and it was also important for us to get a lot of people in one place.

This is the first time I've done Money20/20, and we were very surprised with the results we got. Just on day 1 we had 3 business deals that moved ahead."

CEO & Founder

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Invest Lithuania

"Money20/20 is the best conference to feel the pulse of Fintech, meet today’s and tomorrow’s Fintech unicorns, get inspired and act."

Senior Investment Advisor

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"It's so important right now in our industry to collaborate so Money20/20 is one of the most important events in order to establish connections, work with others and understand the main trends of the industry."

CEO and CO Founder

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"Money20/20 is the perfect environment to think outside the box, together with our customers, partners, and team. We found this experience really inspiring and an opportunity to share our innovative services and new projects with fintech pioneers. It’s been very exciting to strengthen business relations while sharing meaningful moments, including networking parties"

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