William Levy



William Levy
Chief Strategy Officer, Banque EDEL (Leclerc Group)

My name is William, a 26 year old French man who fell in the Payments area nearly out of the blue. I graduated from one the top French engineering school "Centrale-Supelec"  after two years in "Classes Preparatoires" in Versailles dealing with intensive maths and physics classes. Then, I graduated from a MSc in Aerospace Eng. at the Goergia Institute of Technology in Atlanta where I became closer and closer to innovation and disruptive models that lead me to work as an intern in a VC found in Palo Alto. Because of visa purposes but not only, I came home and started to work as a strategy consultant while gradually specializing into Payments. Being sure that a lot could be done in this market, I joined Banque EDEL as their Strategy Officer in 2015 and help them implement PayWel: a project that we designed together when still a consultant. I believe that Banque EDEL has great assets to play a great role in Payments in France and in Europe because of its unique position at the crossroad of Retail & Banking.

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