Wiebe Draijer



Wiebe Draijer
Chairman Executive Board, Rabobank

Wiebe graduated from Delft University of Technology in 1989 and holds a Master in Mechanical Engineering. He started as a consultant with McKinsey & Company in 1990 and stayed there for almost 23 years. In September 2012 he left McKinsey to become Chairman of the Social And Economic Council of the Netherlands. He took over as Chairman of the Rabobank Executive Board of Rabobank in October 2014. Wiebe holds various Auxiliary Positions. 
Wiebe Draijer was born in Enschede and is 51 years old, married to Lisette and they have four children. 

Wiebe Draijer shares the story of Rabobank’s business model transformation
Rabobank is driven by a need to build new ventures and connect startups to corporates with the goal of improving the wellbeing and prosperity of its members. Wiebe provides unique insight into how Rabobank delivers value through innovative projects like marketplace lending platform Rabo & Co; Tellow, a financial automation tool for freelancers; and Terra, the accelerator program the bank runs in conjunction with RocketSpace.

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