Venetia Bell



Venetia Bell
Deputy to the Chief Operating Officer, Bank of England

Venetia Bell is Deputy to the Chief Operating Officer at the Bank of England.  She provides support across all areas of the Bank’s operations, including Technology, Finance, HR and information security.  She has been closely involved in the Bank’s work assessing developments in, and the implications of, financial technologies.

Venetia has been closely involved in the Bank’s FinTech Accelerator project.  This was announced by the Governor of the Bank of England in June 2016, with the aim of working in partnership with FinTech firms on challenges that the central bank uniquely faces. Since its inception, the Accelerator has worked with a number of firms on targeted proof of concepts.  The Accelerator also plays a part in informing the Bank’s understanding of how technological innovation could affect the Bank’s policy objectives, in particular financial stability. 

Prior her current role, Venetia has held a number of positions as an Economist within the Bank, largely focused on providing economic analysis in support of monetary policy-making.  Her academic publications cover a wide range of topics, including nowcasting the UK economy, credit conditions, inflation expectations, and potential employment.

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