Prof. Nick Ryman-Tubb



Nick Ryman-Tubb
CEO, Institute of Financial Innovation in Transactions & Security (FITS)

Dr Nick Ryman-Tubb founded Neural Technologies Limited (NTL) in 1986 that is one of the first AI businesses that concentrated on the application of machine deep learning. Dr. Nick was also the Principal Technical Advisor to the UK Government programme on neural computing and the Chairman of the AI Group at GCHQ. Dr. Nick positioned the firm as an acknowledged expert in financial credit, risk and payment fraud community. 1-in-7 of the world’s mobile telephone calls are protected from fraud by Neural Technologies.

He exited in 2000 and became a Research Fellow at City University London researching state of the art neural-symbolic approaches for fraud and then moved to the University of Surrey to continue his research on state of the art payment fraud approaches.

Dr. Nick is recognised as a leader in state of the art neural-symbolic approaches for payment fraud detection from acquirers, issuers, merchants and AML. Dr. Nick founded MindsI to continue innovation in real-time analytics and making decisions on big data – from fraud detection to credit and customer churn and have patented approaches.

Dr. Nick became an angel investor and worked with highly innovative technology start-ups and then helped investors in 2012 to acquire The ai Corporation, as CTO where AI and neural products now protect 150 banks, 3m+ merchants, 1bn cards and over 30bn credit/debit card transactions a year from fraud.

In 2014, Dr Nick founded FITS as a not-for-profit, membership organisation to tackle the growing number

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