Prof. Arnaud Crouzet



Arnaud Crouzet
Global Head of Payments Means, Auchan Retail International

Arnaud Crouzet is Global Head of Payments Means at Auchan Retail International. He is in charge of the payments strategy and its deployment in the Auchan's countries. He is also Administrator of the company ASAP SA, in charge of managing the Auchan’s supplier finance programme.

Arnaud is also Secretary General of "nexo", the open and global standardization association. Its mission is to unite the players of the card-based payment industry on the definition and enhancement of payment acceptance solution implementation specifications.

Arnaud Crouzet is also member and participe to different European and national organisations, such as ECSG, EuroCommerce, CNPS, ...

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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