Patrick Mang



Patrick Mang
Innovation Lead, Global Markets, HSBC

Patrick Mang is the Innovation Lead for Global Markets at HSBC where he is responsible for formulating the digital strategy for institutional clients, sponsoring venture investments, introducing FinTechs to the business, and championing the adoption of Blockchain, cloud and advanced analytics.  

Previously, Patrick was the Head of Innovation Strategy for HSBC Group, where he worked with senior management across the Group to develop the bank's approach to incorporating new technologies into the bank and responding to changes in the competitive landscape, which included investing in startup companies, mentoring young startups, and engaging with governments and regulators on financial technology policy.  

Patrick has over 10 years of experience in banking. Prior to joining the corporate strategy group, Patrick was an Exotic equity derivatives trader and led the expansion of the mutual fund derivatives business at HSBC. Before joining HSBC, Patrick was a trader at Deutsche Bank.  

Patrick chairs the Digital Strategy Group at the British Bankers Association and has been a 'dragons den' judge at multiple startup events.  He was a Steering Committee member of the Open Banking Working Group, sponsored by the UK Treasury, whose recommendations have been adopted as the model of Open API banking in the UK.

Patrick has an undergraduate degree in Physics from MIT, a PhD from Stanford, and an MBA from London Business School.

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