Paolo Sironi



Paolo Sironi
FinTech Thought Leader, IBM Watson Financial Services

Paolo is FinTech Thought Leader at IBM Watson Financial Services. He is recognised author of quantitative finance and innovation, demonstrating international expertise in investment management, capital markets, risk management and corporate banking. 

As a pioneer in FinTech digitisation, Paolo founded a FinTech joint-venture (2008) to augment personal finance. He joined IBM (2012) following the acquisition of funding partner Algorithmics, itself a world leader of risk management solutions. Paolo was previously head of market and counterparty risk modeling at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. Author of bestselling “FinTech Innovation” (Wiley 2016), “Modern Portfolio Management” (RiskBooks, 2015), "Financial Advice Transformation" (PF, 2017), co-author “The FinTech Book” (Wiley, 2016).

Paolo’s insights can be read on LinkedIn, Twitter @thepsironi or

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