Nigel Verdon



Nigel Verdon
CEO & Co-Founder, Railsbank

Nigel Verdon is an entrepreneur and tech evangelist. Previously he worked at Swiss Bank Corp (now UBS) and was a director at Dresden Kleinwort Investment Bank - both sighted for their modernization in technology.

Nigel is a founder and CEO of Railsbank - a platform connecting banks and fintech companies through a simple API with baked-in regulatory compliance. He also funded Currency Cloud - a world-renowned payment platform that moves money around the globe quickly, transparently and securely. Until recently, he was a partner at fintech-focused VC fund - Orange Growth Capital. He is also an investor in venture investment and advisory firm - Anthemis Group. Nigel is also known as a leading mentor at top tier tech accelerators: Techstars and Startupbootcamp. Bringing his broad range of experience and deep understanding of capital markets, foreign exchange, international payments and tech, combined with practical experience of entrepreneurship, Nigel gives back to the industry by investing and mentoring early stage fintech companies.

Nigels Twitter Handle: @nigelverdon

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