Nick Lee



Nick Lee
Head of New UK Banks, Bank of Engalnd, Prudential Regulation Authority

Nick Lee – Head of New Banks – Prudential Regulation Authority, Bank of England

Nick has responsibility for the authorisation and supervision of new UK Banks within the PRA, at the Bank of England. Nick led the 2013 work on reviewing barriers to entry in the UK banking sector and was instrumental in setting up the new approach to banking authorisation in the UK. Since 2013, 24 new banks have been authorised in the UK, including a number of ‘digital’ banks. 

Nick also has responsibility for the prudential supervision of new banks, including a number of well-known UK challenger banks.

During his regulatory career, Nick has supervised firms from a range of sectors in the financial services industry, including banks, mutuals, asset managers, hedge funds and advisory firms, covering both prudential and conduct matters. Nick has also had extensive experience of working with both firms and regulators from around the world. His work has taken him to Australia, the US, Israel and Europe.

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