Mike Laven



Mike Laven
CEO, Currency Cloud

Behind Mike's friendly exterior lies one of the sharpest minds in the financial technology industry. Over the last 15 years, Mike has held leadership roles at a number of a FinTech firms.

He joined Currencycloud in 2011, growing the firm to the point where it has now processed over $17bn of international payments and more than 1.4m transactions since 2012.

You may be surprised to learn that Mike once spent six years working for the United Nations. In his spare time, Mike plays classical and jazz piano – a topic on which he can bore even the most ardent music aficionado rigid

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

Speaker at Money20/20 Las Vegas 2015

Speaker at Money20/20 Las Vegas 2014

Speaker at Money20/20 Las Vegas 2013

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