Marc Stein



Marc Stein
CEO and Founder, Underwrite

Underwrite applies advances in artificial intelligence derived from genomics and particle physics to provide lenders with non-linear, dynamic models of credit risk which radically outperform traditional approaches.

Unlike traditional models of underwriting which focus on only a handful of credit attributes, we analyze thousands of data points from credit bureau sources, to allow us to accurately model credit risk for any consumer. By applying advances in machine learning we are able to radically outperform traditional scorecards in both consumer and small business lending. 

By building models on more than simple default, and focusing on such outcomes as profitability and customer lifetime value, we allow you to fully leverage artificial intelligence to increase your lending performance. 

Because we are using biologically based machine learning techniques applied to your own portfolio; we model the expertise of your underwriters and the past performance of your loans to return an automated decision in milliseconds. If you have no portfolio data, we have models based upon massive quantities of publicly available datasets covering everything from home mortgage and automobile to peer to peer lending and cash advance.

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