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Kirsten Trusko
President, IRC Advisory

Kirsten is president of IRC Advisory* – a bespoke management consultancy, and part of a network of former Big 6 consulting, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, regulators, law enforcement, MBAs, PhDs, MDs, professors, informatacists. Previous to IRC, she was President of the NBPCA (, with a Board of 25 c-level execs in top financial services, benefits, and technology firms. She’s served in leadership roles in emerging products in finance, payments, M&A, and benefits/health for Fortune 500 firms to start ups, and as Industry Liaison to law enforcement in benefits, financial services, payments, cyber security, AML/fraud and anti-human trafficking.

Industry leadership roles include:

  • COO and CEO - start up, build out, and turn around - international conglomerates, to early stage firms.
  • COO, GM and senior advisor in business, profitability, and strategic planning
  • Market making and market entry strategy in emerging and converging markets
  • CEO for start up in cyber security in financial services, internet of things, and healthcare
  • BSA/AML and compliance review and examination strategy and tools
  • Co-founder: Financial Crimes Task Force, Law Enforcement Alliance Program


Works with senior executives in business, and leadership in Congress, Regulatory, Law Enforcement and Academia. Serves on government and industry roundtables on healthcare, benefits, emerging payments, money laundering, identity theft, fraud, cyber crime, critical infrastructure protection, and human trafficking.

Congressional testimony and roundtables on identity theft

Media and writing:

Interviews on television, radio and in print with major, regional, trade and social media. She is a frequent speaker and writer – delivering over 200 speeches, and articles including:

  • ICCS: International Conference on Cyber Security
  • National Cyber & Forensics Training Alliance (NCFTA), NACHA, BAI Payments, NBPCA, IAFCI, CFSA, Money2020, IAOIP, etc.
  • Contributing author on CTTSO paper (counter terrorism)
  • Leading practices in AML, fraud, payments, compliance, etc
  • NYU guest lecturer in graduate business program - Big Data

Recent writing includes:

  • The On Demand Economy – new opportunities for banking and business services
  • Human Trafficking – the unique role of financial services in Follow the Money.

Board, and Advisory Roles,

  • Health & Benefits Council: ABA
  • Health benefits tech firm
  • Fed Faster Payments Task Force
  • Fed Secure Payments Task Force
  • Business Executives for National Security (BENS)
  • NCFTA (Cyber security – Gov’t/industry)
  • IAFCI (financial crimes)
  • IAOIP (International Innovation).
  • BWG Strategy (investor market)

Education: Post-graduate Yale School of Management’s Executive Management Program, MBA, Business Degree University of Washington.

Civic leadership: Boy Scouts, Attack Poverty, Women’s Business Executive Alliance, Anti Human Trafficking

Speaking History

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