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Kim Vindberg- Larsen
Head of Mobile Mobile Services, Digital Growth Center, Dansk Supermarked Group

Kim Vindberg-Larsen, Head of Mobile a Dansk Supermarked Group A/S and is the founder of Payment Initiation Provider - MEE ecosystem. Kim is also working as chairman of task force at European Think Tank - CEPS and advising entreneurs pro bono.

Dansk Supermarked is facing 1.4 mio consumers on a daily basis in its shops, and the mobile team is covering multiple employee and consumer facing solutions - from consumer apps, preorder and pay, MDM, crossborder solutions etc.

As founder of The MEEcosystem, an independent global payment initiation provider; which is in itself independent of and has the ability to disrupt existing payment infrastructure via its bank account2account solution, the MEE solution is also compatible with the traditional card-based infrastructure - and ability to harvest account numbers from the current card rails. 

Working in a Think Tank - I advice the market dynamics of the future, and outlining the first iterations of what can become core input to a future version of GDPR - hereunder an upcoming PSD3.

I just love to have my hands dirty and help people with passion and entrepreneurship by heart - so I put an effort into advising the right people.

Prior to founding MEE, Kim was the Managing Director of BluePhoenix Nordic, and held various positions within Banking IT in Denmark.  Kim is an experienced entrepreneur with passion for innovation.   

Speaking History

Speaker at:

Money20/20 Europe 2016 and 2017

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