Jeppe Rindom



Jeppe Rindom
CEO & Co-Founder, Pleo

Jeppe Rindom is CEO & Co-founder of Pleo, offering smart company cards to employees.

Jeppe founded Pleo after first-hand experience of running young and dynamic businesses with decentralized spending and with the collection of receipts, expense reports and reimbursements creating too much work and complexity for everyone.

Pleo offers smart on demand virtual and plastic company cards to employees. Each payment is fully connected to the accounting software, while allowing employees to capture the receipt on the go. No more unknown transactions and missing receipts.

Before starting Pleo, Jeppe was an executive in the startup success, Tradeshift and he has been involved as an advisor and investor in several startups and fintech companies.

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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