James Thomas

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James Thomas
CEO & Founder, Itemize

James Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Itemize, a payments data company whose technology transforms receipts and invoices into structured information. The platform reads documents in seconds, extracting valuable details and harnessing them for business and consumer applications.

Jim has focused his career on algorithms and behavioral data in banking. In 2010 he began addressing a problem common to both businesses and consumers: the difficulty of connecting diverse payment card transactions with their corresponding receipts and invoices. He established Itemize to intelligently retrieve and organize this information, building services for banks, businesses, and individuals.

Prior to founding Itemize, Jim served as the senior vice president for information products at MasterCard, where in 2003 he established the company’s data analytics business. The MasterCard Advisors information products team led the payments industry in applying machine learning to large payments data sets.

Previously, Jim served as a vice president at First Manhattan Consulting Group. At FMCG he built customer behavioral and valuation models for retail banks. He has also held positions at Morgan Stanley and Booz-Allen and Hamilton. Jim holds a BA from Franklin and Marshall College, a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University, and an MBA from Columbia Business School. 

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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