Finnur Magnusson



Finnur Magnusson
Meniga, Chief Product Owner

Finnur Magnússon has been Chief Product Owner at Meniga since 2013 and his team has developed some of Meniga’s notable online banking modules, including most recently a user experience app called Challenges, that allows banks to offer their customers fun, personalised and engaging ways to improve financial habits. At Meniga, Finnur has worked with many of the most innovative banks in Europe on UX projects, design thinking and user engagement. Previously, Finnur was the CTO for the Icelandic constitution council and has lead digital transformation projects for companies in Iceland and UK including Sony Computer Entertainment, Virgin, Woolworths, Iceland Telecom and Icelandair to name a few. In his spare time he cycles all dressed up in lycra, plays drums and spends hours in the kitchen honing his culinary skills.

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