Doc Júlia Füredi



Júlia Füredi
HR SVP, Unicredit Bank Hungary

Julia is an organisational psychologist, chief of staff and leader beyond authority with 25 years experience in always building something new and a keen eye on disruption. 

Whether be a green field operation of big multinational companies like Nationale-Nederlanden and AVIVA or a small size enterprise entering the local market like Recruitment International, or even setting up a new business line such as OD department of Dale Carnegie or coaching leaders going through mid-life crisis she is passionate about creating a new framework for business. 

As the HR SVP of Unicredit Bank Hungary for the past 9 years, she has developed managers to become board members, she pioneered to introduce novel concepts ranging from canine aided management trainings, setting up Fintech events, introducing network mapping and e-brainstorming platform Be-novative and setting up effective change through an evangelist program.

She is constantly on the lookout for groundbreaking solutions and sparks change.She enjoys pushing people's boundaries and seeing them flourish and develop. Julia has the best ideas, questions and solutions coming to her at 4.30 am and she is passionate about realising them during office hours with the people she has developed.

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