Dagmar Bottenbruch



Dagmar Bottenbruch
Co-CEO, CrossLend

Dagmar Bottenbruch is Co-CEO of CrossLend, a Berlin and Luxembourg based Fintech that is reshaping the European lending economy by securitising single loans bringing together balance sheet constrained lenders with investors seeking decent yields. The ultimate goal is to set up the European debt exchange.

Dagmar has decades of experience in the Financial Services Industry, starting in Investment Banking in the mid-eighties at First Boston in New York. She later held senior positions with Crédit Suisse and headed the German business of Rabobank for over 5 years. She also has extensive experience in the start-up world, building Self Trade Italy, an on-line broker in the late nineties and has a portfolio of Angel Investments that includes GoEuro, Zizoo, vaamo sharegain and curensea.

Dagmar is a dual national of the US and Germany and holds a Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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