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Cristina Soviany
CEO, Features Analytics

Cristina Soviany has a MSc degree in Computer Science from Polytechnics University of Bucharest, Romania and a PhD in Applied Sciences from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands obtained in 2003. She is a technologist with strong academic, R&D and more than 10 years entrepreneurial experience. She has published in many scientific magazines and conferences. She is a member of the organizing committee of the International Conference on Security and Management. Cristina is invited regularly to speak at largest scientific and financial conferences in the world, such as for example Money 20/20 US and Europe.

Cristina Soviany is currently the co-founder and CEO of Features Analytics, a technology start-up based in Belgium. She has been awarded the prize for leading the most innovative technology company in Europe in December 2011.

Features Analytics specializes in Streamlined Machine Learning™ for payment fraud prevention and event risk scoring, offering solutions for eCommerce merchants, card issuers, acquirers, banks and payment processors. Features Analytics has developed eyeDES®, a unique Streamlined Machine Learning™ modeling technology and platform for real-time fraud and risk management designed to deliver unrivaled accuracy and stability for mission critical environments. Features Analytics delivers custom models that are deployed and run on eyeDES execution platform to detect anomalies and asses risk in financial data or to prevent and detect fraud in the payment industry. Features Analytics works with top financial organizations in the world.

Prior to starting Features Analytics, Cristina Soviany has worked as senior scientist for Philips Applied Technologies in The Netherlands and then she joined Advanced Medical Diagnostics, a start-up based in Belgium, where between 2004 and 2010 she has been leading the development of an innovative technology for cancer tissue characterization in 3D ultrasound data.

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

Speaker at Money20/20 Las Vegas 2015

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