Christophe Uzureau



Christophe Uzureau
Research VP, Gartner

Christophe Uzureau is a Gartner Research Vice President advising financial services clients how to use technology to design and deliver strategies to become market leaders. 

He advises financial services providers (FSPs)’ CXOs and strategists on how technology represents an opportunity to innovate and therefore generate competitive advantage by shaping traditional financial processes.

He builds use cases to support emerging digital business models for FSPs taking into account big data and analytics, blockchain and distributed ledger technology, mobility, social media, open platforms and APIs; accelerating go to market deployments.

Christophe maps local digital financial ecosystems to initiate strategic partnerships between clients and local players; as well as initiate the creation of new companies to deal with gaps in FSPs’ product portfolios, including via collaboration via FTSUs.

This includes reviewing Fintech Start-Ups (FTSUs), from an industry viewpoint, to appraise opportunities for investments and partnerships for FSPs as well as the potential threats to existing business models. 

 Christophe Uzureau
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