Benjamin Jessel



Benjamin Jessel
Managing Principal, CAPCO

Ben leads fintech and innovation strategy at Capco, a financial services consultancy that has been on the forefront of transforming financial institutions at bulge bracket banks throughout the world since 1998. 

In Ben's role as Chief Innovation Officer, he helps financial institutions understand how to apply emerging technologies and business models to achieve improved use of capital, reduction of risk, greater business agility and business scalability. This involves both advice, experimentation and build of industry transforming solutions.

Ben has been extensively involved in tackling fraud and cybercrime through implementing global Fraud Intelligence Units, leading BSA/AML transformations as well as perimeter security infrastructure projects. 

Ben has been a leading contributor in the debate around the future of digital identity; how the industry changes the paradigm around who owns identity information, how financial institutions can manage relationships at scale at a time where clients are becoming more distant from their banks, and the role of distributed ledger in building identity service bureaus.

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