Aneesh Varma

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Aneesh Varma
Founder, Aire

Aneesh founded Aire, a fintech startup redesigning credit scores for consumers. Previously he co-founded FabriQate in 2008, an award-winning enterprise company for ecommerce. 

Aneesh started at JPMorgan in the speciality finance team including financial technology transactions. Educated as an engineer at Lehigh University, US, he focussed on algorithms & quantitative finance. In 2005 he was chosen by the NASDAQ Foundation as a Martindale Scholar.

Aneesh describes himself as a third-culture citizen having lived in 11 countries. Now based in London, he also actively campaigns for financial inclusion. He was recognised as the one of 12 Entrepreneur of the Year nominees by the European Commission in 2014 and the British Council Young Entrepreneur in 2009. He also publishes FinTech Fantastic, a curated online magazine. 

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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