Anders la Cour



Anders la Cour
CEO, Saxo Payments

Anders la Cour is the co-founder of the Saxo Payments Banking Circle, designed to provide FinTechs and Banks with the crucial ‘utility’ to deliver core banking services to their clients efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Previously a technology and financial M&A lawyer at a tier one law firm in Copenhagen, Anders la Cour identified a flaw in how the FinTech sector is serviced by the banks.  He seized the opportunity to bring a solution to market, using his legal M&A experience, coupled with strong commercial acumen and entrepreneurial mind-set, to secure the backing of Saxo Bank.  This not only gave the company the necessary funding – but also access to immense FX liquidity to underpin the solution.  He took part in engineering the collaborative partnership with the banks who underpin the Banking Circle.

Importantly, Anders la Cour is not just a figure-head – he is a hands-on leader for the Saxo Payments business. Over the last 16-months the business has grown at a tremendous pace, now processing more than 20 billion dollars in transactions volume a year. Under his leadership, Saxo Payments Banking Circle has received industry-wide recognition winning five awards in 2016 and two so far, in 2017.

Reflecting his innovative approach to a core business problem – that of cross border payments - Anders la Cour has been invited to speak and present at a number of industry events including Money20/20 Las Vegas, Oracle OpenWorld, BankInno, Innovate Finance and Money20/20 Europe.  He has also written many thought leadership articles which have been published in key industry titles.

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

Speaker at Money20/20 Las Vegas 2015

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