Adizah Tejani

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Adizah Tejani
Head of Ecosystem Development, Level39

Adizah is the Head of Ecosystem Development at Level39. She has been in the startup ecosystem for the last six years and understands how to create an environment for startups to grow. At Level39 her work ranges from building and connecting the 210 community of startups to establishing key strategic partnerships with organisations that understand the Level39 ethos. She leads the curation of seven hours of content delivered weekly to startups, mentor engagement and investor relations, and leads membership growth. Partnerships over the last two years include World Economic Forum, Paypal, Swift and many more. Her contribution to fintech in the UK is as part of the founding team of Level39 the first fintech Accelerator in Europe - when Level39 opened there were 6 startups and now there are 210 across three floors creating a thriving ecosystem for growth.

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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