Got Questions As A Speaker? Well, We've Got Answers...

Are you a dynamic thought leader, a slick MC, a lively innovator, or a major influencer? Check out answers to some of the questions you might have when applying to be one of our speaker rockstars at Money20/20 Europe below.👇

FAQs - Call For Content - Speakers

I’ve already put my name forward as a speaker in part one (sessions) of the Call for Content. Can I apply for this too?

No. We’re looking for people who’ve not applied for anything so far. If you’ve applied for a session, we may still reach out to include you in panels and presentations that you’ve not submitted yourself.

I’ve got a new session idea to share and can invite some great speakers. Can I submit this as an application?

The answer above applies again. However, we’d still encourage you to apply as an individual speaker, and we may then select you to take part in a panel/fireside chat or a solo presentation.

Should I apply to be a VIP speaker?

If you have creative and inventive ideas to share, then 100% yes! We’re going to deliver an unforgettable VIP experience for a select few speakers in Amsterdam. What we need in return is your availability to join us for a day in Spring 2023, and time to work with us on delivering exciting new content streams. There is no additional financial cost.

I fall under more than one category for Question One. Should I tick more than one box?

This is not uncommon, but we’d like you to put your best foot forward and choose the option that’s the best fit. We may still consider you for opportunities that you’ve not ticked.

What’s the difference between an expert and an influencer?

About 50,000 followers. Or a PhD… Okay, we realise you might be both. Put yourself forward as an expert if your biggest value-add is in-depth knowledge and subject mastery. List yourself as an influencer if your standout feature is your ability to shape opinions and spread a message.

I’m concerned that my chosen topic/expertise might be too niche. Should I suggest something more obvious?

Generally speaking, no. Money20/20 is a show like no other, so be bold and be ambitious. Your perspective might be exactly what’s needed to light up the stage.

FAQs - Call For Content - Speakers (Continued)

Well now I’m concerned that my topic is too mainstream….

Don’t be! We’re covering all of the key issues in finance and technology.

I’m not a C-suite exec or a big industry name. Am I wasting my time?

Absolutely not. Experience and credentials are valuable, of course, but we’re looking for perspectives and knowledge that will further the biggest conversations in fintech, first and foremost. If you think you don’t fit the typical profile of a speaker, that might be an industry problem rather than a you problem. Send in your application!

Should I relate my topic and expertise to the themes that are listed in the Call for Content brochure?

This year’s themes include smooth interactions, strategic decisions, unexpected finance, the socio-economic impact, and thinking differently. It is not essential to mention them, but if you do it will let us know that you’ve taken the brief into consideration and may help us allocate a session to you.

What do you look for in the perfect speaker application?

Make sure to highlight the value that you bring to the stage and evidence this where you can. Clearly outline your credentials, but also your passion, enthusiasm, and why your subject matter means a lot to you. Be clear about who you are, what you do, and why a Money20/20 audience would benefit from hearing your voice. That last point is essential. If you can produce a compelling reason why an audience would benefit from your input, you’re on the right track.

I think I’m ready to submit my application now. What are the deadlines?

Our call for speakers will open on January 16th and close on January 27th, and we will inform you of our decision by March 3rd. Please make sure that your submission reaches us in time, as there are no deadline extensions.