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Solitics is an award-winning customer engagement platform, with vast expertise in the Fintech industry. Brokers and Banks partner with Solitics to grow customer value through real-time, automated user journeys, and generate a significant differentiation of their products’ experience. Solitics platform natively supports multiple accounts per user data structures, seamlessly enables live and customized Market updates, as well as a complete flexibility in multi-channel communications, triggered by any event in user’s activity. From a single UI, marketing and product teams are able to orchestrate hyper-personalized user journeys, starting from the first visit on the website/app, in real-time. Solitics is committed to a seamless integration process of up to 45 days to go live. A wide range of providers operating in the Fintech industry are integrated with Solitics: Trading platforms, CRMs, third-party signal content providers, data streams, bonus engines, communication channels and many more. The added value and the superb experience traders gain from companies who use Solitics translates into loyalty and growth in users’ LTV.

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