Intuitive intelligent experiences: Where AI and UX meet



Track session

Intuitive intelligent experiences: Where AI and UX meet

11:20 - 12:10 | Tuesday 27 June
| Track room 3 | UX

"“Can you afford to go out to dinner tonight?” “I’ll ask my bot to talk to your bot and let you know.” This conversation is not as farfetched as you might think. With Siri, Cortana and Google, many of us already carry a ‘robotic personal assistant’ in our pocket – but does anyone care? Building AI into propositions alongside great UX and UI will - in theory - enable a delightful CX that reduces effort and time for the end customer. But does this really drive loyalty and retention for a business? Is there a clear-cut business case for merging AI with UX in financial services, and what are the key learnings from success stories in other sectors? To what degree do consumers really want this – and can the introduction of AI into this space be seen as just another way to part people from their money? Hear from a panel of experts who will delve into the best examples that highlight the marriage between AI and UX."

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