How local FinTech innovation is shaping global lifestyles



Track session

How local FinTech innovation is shaping global lifestyles

09:00 - 09:50 | Wednesday 28 June
| Track room 2 a | Alternative Lending & Finance

Drinking coffee made from Brazilian beans, paying for car rides via a company based in San Francisco or texting on a phone manufactured in Vietnam. Without a doubt, we are increasingly living global lives. Technology is the key enabler, connecting communities and businesses around the world. The FinTech industry has a critical role to play in the facilitation of our global digital economy. Innovative payments and FinTech firms recognise this opportunity and we are seeing businesses in Asia – particularly in China and India – lead the pack when it comes to large scale, disruptive innovation. This session will shine a spotlight on access to credit and the ability to make cross-border payments as two of the FinTech trends shaping global lifestyles.

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