General sessions Keynote stage




General sessions Keynote stage

13:10 - 15:25 | Wednesday 28 June
| Keynote

Opening from the chair

Cashless living with Alipay

Alipay is driving the trend towards a cashless lifestyle for consumers in China and beyond. As a lifestyle super app being used by over 450 million users in China, Alipay has been leading the development of alternative payment methods in cities and villages across the country. Alipay has also been working with strategic partners to provide bespoke local solutions in a number of other countries beyond China. Join us to see how Alipay benefits its users and communities as a whole.

"Introducing The Ping An Global Voyager Fund: A $1billion FinTech and Healthcare fund"

"It's not every day that the 3rd largest Insurance company in the world, Ping An Group, launches a $1 billion fund to invest in FinTech and Healthcare. With Jonathan Larsen at the helm, tasked with the amazing opportunity to bring new technologies, platforms and business models to Ping An's businesses in China and internationally, how has his first 60 days panned out? In addition the fund will provide access for investee companies to Ping An Groups 138 million customers, 1.2 million agents, 6,000 branches and extensive digital distribution assets in mainland China. In this candid fireside chat, hear from Jonathan as  he outlines the Ping An Group's strategy and what new startups and technologies are exciting him at the moment."

The rise of the FinTech regulator: creating a smart financial centre 

"There are very few regulators that are in touch with FinTech and even fewer that are able to converse with entrepreneurs. Step forward Sopnendu Mohanty, a central bank policy maker from a banking background who spends equal amounts of time with startups, tech companies and bankers. In less than two years, Singapore has risen to become one of the most progressive FinTech hubs and environments in the world. With a number of recent initiatives around collaboration with other countries and creating an environment to attract investors and startup activity, what has worked successfully and why, and conversely what hasn’t worked as expected? Expect an open and frank conversation on the future of regulators’ involvement in FinTech."

CFO\CTO: the changing role of financial executives

There’s a new breed of CFO, and they don’t wear suits. Across the globe, tech-savvy executives are being recruited into senior financial positions, dramatically altering the trajectory of the companies they lead. Join Stripe’s own CFO, Will Gaybrick—an ex-VC, software engineer and mathematician himself—as he discusses Stripe’s technology-focused approach to solving businesses’ complex financial challenges, how his own eclectic background informs his daily work, and the extent to which the CFO role generally is being redefined to reflect the latest trends in business and technology.  

"Exploring new frontiers: From the European Space Agency to artificial intelligence"

Exploring new frontiers isn’t just about colonising Mars. From a long lineage of explorers, and with a history in the European Space Agency himself, Nuno Sebastiao is now exploring the next frontier of artificial intelligence. Nuno and his team at Feedzai have set out to pioneer novel ways to solve one of the biggest challenges facing modern economies: moving digital money safely. Nuno shares his secret recipe for making artificial intelligence solve problems for companies ranging from startups to global brands.

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