General Sessions: Keynote Stage


General Sessions: Keynote Stage

09:00 - 10:40 | Monday 26 June
| Keynote

Opening Address

Money20/20 global brand

Welcome from the chair

Introduction plus intro to first Keynote

The next chapter in the story of Square

"It’s very rare to hear from one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs who has profoundly impacted both the social media and payments sectors. Following Square's recent launch into Europe, hear from Jack Dorsey as he outlines the next steps in Square's vision to simplify the complex and make the latest payments technology accessible to everyone, everywhere. "

The Future of Banking: The Digital Innovations Driving FinTech at Scale

Ashok Vaswani will showcase key developments powering the digital revolution in financial services, discussing the pace of new digital and data driven services that are creating value, personalisation and joined up experiences for its 24 million customers. Mr Vaswani will make the case that Open Banking will revolutionise the banking sector and payments landscape, but customer trust will be crucial to succeeding in this new age.

Beyond traditional banking

Rabobank is a leading cooperative bank driven by the need to exceed the expectations of its customers for the greater good. Hear from Wiebe, a fully trained mechanical engineer, as shares his story about the business model transformation of the bank. Towards an orchestrator of financial needs, linked to the financial heartbeat of its customers and beyond the traditional product orientation of the past. Get insight on how Rabobank delivers value through innovative projects, like its sharing and knowledge platform Global Farmers and marketplace lending platform Rabo & Co.

BBVA: Banking on Fintech

Hear from Carlos Torres Vila, one of the most dynamic bank CEOs in Europe, as he shares his unique perspective of the exciting drivers of change within the sector and the current BBVA strategy. He will cover why innovative exponential technologies will open up new ways of banking, and how BBVA is delivering on its transformation journey by leveraging the FinTech innovation ecosystem to transform and disrupt.

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