C-level perspectives on tomorrow’s payments landscape



Track session

C-level perspectives on tomorrow’s payments landscape

16:10 - 17:00 | Monday 26 June
| Track room 1 | Processing, POS & Open Platforms

The payments landscape is in a state of transformation. Gone are the days when banks controlled the value chain and enjoyed the monopoly of their customers’ data. Regulators have intervened to level the playing field and break down barriers to entry. Competition from new entrants has driven innovation, fuelled by advancements in technology. This has raised the bar for customer expectations related to user experience, timing, and flexibility of payment solutions. No single provider can deliver universal payment solutions anymore, and the traditional value chain is in process of being unbundled. Learn from leading payment companies how the payment space will develop, and how banks, FinTech companies and payment networks will (re)position themselves to provide customer value.

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