The Best FinTech Use Case for Blockchain I’ve Seen



Track session

The Best FinTech Use Case for Blockchain I’ve Seen

15:50 - 16:40 | Wednesday 28 June
| Track room 1 a | Shared Ledgers

"Over the last three centuries the world has experienced three industrial revolutions: the mechanisation of the textile industry with steam in the 18th century, the mechanisation of production lines with power in the 20th century, and the digitisation of manufacturing with electronics and information technology in the 21st century. With an ever-increasing rate of technological changes, we are now entering a fourth industrial revolution which will enable cyber-physical systems with technologies like Distributed Ledger Technology, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Explore how Distributed Ledger Technology has evolved and will change financial markets by removing expensive, rent-seeking “trust middlemen” with technology that ensures autonomy, security, speed, auditability, immutability and cost savings"

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