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Track session

Announcements, Insights & Case Studies

16:10 - 17:00 | Monday 26 June
| Track room 5

16:10 - 16:25 Better be disruptive

Starting as a small operational unit within a retailer, ZalandoPayments, a subsidiary of Zalando, Europe's leading online fashion platform, now serves Zalando’s growing platform environment. In 2015, Zalando dealt with a fraud wave that impacted the quarterly results. At this point, they decided to take the bull by the horns. In this talk they'll give you an insight into the approach that made it possible to not only reduce their fraud rate drastically, but at the same time optimize their customer proposition with even more payment options.

16:25 - 16:40 PayU launches ‘PayU Hub’ to increase merchant access to high growth markets

PayU’s Matthias Setzer will announce the launch of ‘PayU Hub’, a state-of-the-art technology platform which gives merchants access to 2.3 billion new customers and over 250 local payments methods through a single integration. The API-based platform offers merchants local processing, alternative payment methods and Smart Routing™ capabilities. In doing so, the platform will allow merchants to connect with billions of potential customers and will help them access markets around the world that they may have previously considered too operationally challenging to enter.

16:40 - 16:50 How to design the ultimate payment conversion strategy: Best practices by

Based on Everything5pounds' experience, this session will provide insight into how retailers can leverage payments to maximise their revenues. Key takeaways include how to increase global reach by offering the right payment methods, optimise conversion by offering a seamless customer experience and maximize revenue by never rejecting a genuine transaction.

16:50 - 17:05 The rise of domestic schemes

Discover will review the important role that domestic schemes play in the payment ecosystem, including how they benefit governments, banks and customers and what is fuelling their recent growth and importance.  

17:05 - 17:15 AEVI & Rabobank: A partnership based on Innovation: How to enable small businesses to accept mobile payments easily

AEVI has developed a unique, open ecosystem that combines apps, payment services and a multi-vendor selection of payment devices, which brings acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their consumers. This track session offers valuable insight into innovative banking practices. Nelson Holzner, AEVI’s CEO, is taking the stage with Rabobank’s Lead Product Manager Payments, Suzan van Eeten, to showcase their success story on how banks can work with a partner to serve small merchant businesses in this fast moving payment market.      

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