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Revelis is an innovative SME that develops Artificial Intelligence solutions for Big Data analysis in RegTech, manufacturing and smart cities sectors for Big Data analysis, multi-dimensional correlation, operation scenarios prediction and business processes optimization.

Revelis solutions exploit machine learning and deep learning approaches in combination with automated reasoning and answer set programming, and implement explanation techniques to support decision-makers in Artificial Intelligence models understanding.

Moneying is a platform that applies AI techniques to analyze customer financial transactions and communications. The combination of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques allows you to optimize compliance activities in the context of anti-money laundering and risk management controls. The use of Text Analytics techniques allows the automatic processing of written communications from customers, automating the management of complaints, complaints and interactions with investigating bodies.

The application of AI techniques for RegTech represents a competitive advantage for banks and fintechs, which operate in a regulatory scenario where the monitoring of financial crimes and the management of compliance are expensive and inefficient operations.

In addition, Big Data Analyitics tools allow financial institutions to be more transparent, increasing customer satisfaction and stakeholder confidence.