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At the intersection of retail, payments, mobile, marketing services, data & technology, that's where the magic happens

We know that as a retailer, the day-to-day pressure of trading can make it hard to get out of the office. But we can't have a conversation about the future of money and commerce without you.

That's why we've created the Retailer Pass, with all the same incredible benefits as our Standard Pass, but at a bottom-line friendly price. This deal will make it easy for you to join the biggest gathering in Europe making check-out and payments frictionless. Trust us, your customers will love you for it.

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How consumers buy is changing faster than ever before, and so are the businesses that are serving them. With consumer-facing big tech and commerce businesses now moving into new areas of Financial Services, and FinTech companies trying to grab ever more of the customer experience, the line between retail, payments and financial services has never been so blurred. Trust our 350+ expert speakers, including Amazon, Stripe, Shopify, Mastercard and Klarna, to help you get it straight and glimpse the future.

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Money20/20 has quickly become the largest and most important forum for learning about and collaborating to enable the new possibilities at the intersection of retail, payments, Financial Services, mobile, marketing services, data and technology. Our exhibitors, speakers and attendees are part of the vanguard of changing user experience in retail, and they can't wait to show you what the cutting edge can look like.

Meet some of our speakers

Patrick Collison

Patrick Collison

CEO & Co-Founder


Lindsey Argalas

Lindsey Argalas

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer


Akshay Naheta

Akshay Naheta

Managing Partner

SoftBank Investment Advisers

Patrick Gauthier

Patrick Gauthier

Vice President

Amazon Pay

"Money20/20 is all about networking and learning what’s happening in the industry. It’s also to understand the merchant’s point of view, the banking point of view and the regulation"
Iraklis Theocharatos
Mobile Payments Consultant

Retailer Pass qualifications

To qualify for the Retailer Pass your business must:

  • Sell physical products B2C through a brick-and-mortar establishment or e-commerce channel
  • Not be a money remitter
  • Not be a bank
  • Not sell prepaid cards or gift cards

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