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Recrowd, a real estate crowdfunding platform founded in Milan in 2018, is the leader in Italy in terms of capital raised in 2022. Platform connects as a real estate crowdfunding company, connects real estate developers that are looking for an alternative source of capital with retail investors or savers in general.
The crowdfunding technology allows both parts to operate without middlemen breaking down the existing barriers in real estate investment. Investors can participate in the financing with just 250 euros, knowing the duration (approximately 12 months) and return on investment (approximately 10% annually) at the time of investment. Recrowd has introduced personalized negotiation, which allows for an increased interest rate on the project in exchange for a proportional increase in the investment amount. Before being published, real estate projects are examined by third-party companies specializing in the industry to minimize investment risks as much as possible. To date, Recrowd has raised over 75 million euros, with 136 funded projects and 0 defaults.