PXL Vision

PXL Vision is the Swiss market leader and premium provider of identity verification.

Based on artificial intelligence, PXL Vision offers a highly flexible, modular and configurable software platform for secure and fully automated identity verification to meet complex requirements worldwide.

PXL Vision's identity verification solutions help companies automate digital customer onboarding or KYC processes and increase the conversion rates of these.

The seamless 30-second verification process with unique UX minimizes abandonment and increases conversion rates. So, companies can simultaneously reduce their costs and increase revenues.

The flexible and individually configurable platform of the Swiss market leader optimizes verification processes through efficient, AI-based identity checks as a SaaS (Software as a Service) or on-premise application.

PXL Vision's proprietary and patented auto-ident technologies ensure fast, reliable, and user-friendly identification processes that can be flexibly and natively integrated into existing processes.

The entire process is infrastructure certified to ISO 27001. PXL Vision is trusted by industry leaders such as Swisscom, BCB Group, Swiss Life, Migros and SwissID.

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