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Prosegur Crypto

Prosegur Crypto is Prosegur Cash's digital asset custody service, a world leader in the security, transfer, management, and custody services industry for 45 years.

Prosegur Crypto is the most secure and advanced crypto asset custody solution for the institutional market. The Crypto Bunker integrates the most avant-garde cryptographic and cybersecurity technology with the most advanced physical security protocols that exist. It is its own cold and ultra-safe environment based on a 360º inaccessibility approach. An unreachable space for the storage and management of crypto assets that incorporates two cold systems with six integrated security layers and more than 100 protection measures. Prosegur Crypto clients can manage their assets through a management platform that allows agile and secure asset management, is customizable according to the use and security needs of each client, and has functionalities with advanced OTC trading services and other derivatives of Defi (Staking)

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