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Stats on Money20/20 Europe

In 2017, Money20/20 Europe welcome over 5000 attendees, including 1,200 C-suites, from more than 1500 companies and 85 countries, representing every sector of the payments, FinTech and financial services ecosystem. The show featured Over 350 of the industry's most influential innovators and thinkers from around the globe, over 295 sponsors and over 200 journalists.

An unmissable event for the smartest visionaries and innovators, Money20/20 is the destination where payments, FinTech and financial services come together to connect and create the future of money. In June 2018, Money20/20 lands in its new home – the Rai in Amsterdam – to once again focus the world’s eyes on Europe.

2017 Media and Press Snapshot

Overall, we had over 200 journalist and analysts from
160+ outlets, 70+ industry and trade press, 37+ national print media
from 19 countries, 10+ podcasts and 56 analyst groups
covering 150+ brand announcements in Copenhagen.

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Press Lounge


The Money20/20 Europe Press Lounge will be located on the balcony level (number BL1- BL4), accessed via the right hand stairs after the revolving doors passing registration. It will be open for the duration of the event. You will need to either have, or be accompanied by someone who has, media credentials to access the press room. Keep this in mind when planning meetings and interviews. All registered media attendees will receive instruction on how to obtain their media credentials via email, the week of the event.

Announcements and Press Releases

If you’re planning an onsite announcement, have exciting news to share, or would like to meet with onsite media at Money20/20 Europe, click on the below link and fill out the form.

Make an Announcement

Below, you’ll also find guidance to maximize media coverage during the event.

  • Issue press releases to support your announcement. Money20/20 press release template can be found here.
  • Print copies of your press release for the Money20/20 Europe press lounge. Details above.  While you’ll need to be with media to have access, you can drop your press releases off to the Money20/20 team.
  • Send your press release to the journalists that will be onsite and arrange interviews ahead of your announcement.
  • Send your press release to your broader distribution lists and let them know you’ll be announcing at Money20/20 Europe to help build the interest onsite.

Social Media Info

Follow us

Track the conversation with the #M2020Eu hashtag.

Press List

The press list is  available for sponsors on the portal and account managers will provide the password upon request. Speakers requesting the list will need to contact the content team.

As you are probably well aware, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force this week and will therefore affect how we all deal with individuals’ personal data at and in relation to Money20/20 Europe.

We want to ensure both Money20/20 and our sponsors remain compliant with the upcoming GDPR law while still being able to provide the sponsorship products to you as best we can.  Because of this we have provided some general information and guidance around the use of our press List:

Privacy Policy Changes

We are updating our Privacy Policy for delegates to include notice of our legitimate interest to “improve attendee experience at our events.” This is important because it is the basis by which we pass their personal data on to our sponsors.  You can learn more about legitimate interests at the information commissioner’s office website here.

Guidance on Processing Personal Data

We are unable to give any specific legal advice for your business, but it is our recommendation that the processing of individuals’ personal data be done under the following guidelines:

  • Only use delegates’ personal data as is required to interact with delegates at or immediately after the Event in order to improve the delegates’ experience at our events;
  • Keep any communication restricted to the purposes of “improving attendee experience” which may include specific follow up communication immediately after the Event;
  • Do not download personal data into your marketing database unless you have been given specific consent or soft opt-in to do so by the individual.  More information about marketing regulations can be found here;

New Delivery Method

We have updated the delivery method to a password-protected sponsor portal, which keeps individuals’ data secure and will hopefully minimise the number of counterfeit attendee lists that are floating around.  This protects our delegates’ personal data, but it also protects your sponsorship package from being devalued.

If you have further questions about your own compliance we recommend you consult a data protection lawyer.  Any questions about the above, feel free to get in touch.  

This material is intended  for general information purposes only and neither this, nor any responses to enquiries, whether by email, telephone, or other means are intended to constitute legal advice or imply the existence of an solicitor-client relationship. 

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