Platforma Detalistow is a Polish e-receipts HUB that enables sellers to issue full-fledged electronic receipts instead of paper ones. But… it is not only about the e-receipts. The system provides the merchants with a new customer engagement platform. Thanks to value-added services such as customer feedback, loyalty pogram sign-in forms and marketing display areas, which are pushed directly on the e-receipt just after the purchase, any loyalty activations can be taken to a whole new level. Not to mention the offline data, until now unavailable to the merchant, which can now be captured and used to boost customer knowledge. All this without any obligation for the customer to register or provide his personal data.On top, as the technology itself is very flexible, it is the merchant who chooses the model of e-receipts delivery depending on his preferences, e.g. QR code scanning, loyalty app, NFC tag or payment terminal, with an option to adjust each of them or create a made-to-measure solution.

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