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payware provides a platform for cashless payments' initiation between individuals and merchants. The platform integrates with existing applications for mobile payment applications and enables modern payment account-to-account alternative to cards' and open-banking rails.

Profitability ✔ eliminates POS terminals and cards’ schemas related cost ✔ significant improvement in transaction related cost ✔ reduces e-wallet/mobile banking development cost ✔ payware integration allows payments through e-wallet/mobile banking application to all network merchants

Customer/Merchant inclusion ✔ digitally enables the unbanked and underbanked ✔ onboard customers with mobile phones without NFC ✔ onboard customers with Apple mobile phones (without integration with ApplePay) ✔ digitally enables hardware infeasible sales (POS terminal is expensive or impossible to use)

Security and technology ✔ substantial increase in transaction security by reversed information flow ✔ improved transaction speed ✔ allows users to pay by scanning NFC tags , QR codes, bar codes, listen to a sound or by sending a link or a text

Financial institutions interested in payware: ✔ want to optimize their cashless payments operating costs; ✔ plan to add innovative digital services to the existing mobile banking application or an e-wallet; ✔ want to provide an alternative to real and virtual payment POS terminals.

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